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Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration Montreal

Unlock your body's true potential. Book your session today.
Align your body, improve movement, and enhance overall well-being with Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration sessions in Montreal.

What Is Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration?

Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration (ABSI) is a transformative, holistic system for relieving pain, optimizing movement patterns, and improving structural alignment. Drawing inspiration from both Rolf's Structural Integration and Tom Myers' Anatomy Trains concept, ABSI focuses on the body's connective tissue, or fascia, to enhance overall well-being.

Practitioners of Adaptive Bodywork view the body holistically and use their bodies adaptively to do the work (hands, feet, arms, elbows etc.) on a variety of surfaces (floor, table, bench, etc.). The work realigns and properly tensions the client’s fascial support network, laying down a new and more youthful structural architecture. The client is engaged and participates actively during this process.

To address your personal structural imbalances or relieve chronic pain, book a one-to-one session with Adaptive Bodywork today.

A transformative, holistic system

Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration Montreal

Unlock your body's true potential. Book your session today.

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Our Two ABSI Variations

At Adaptive Bodywork, we offer two variations of the ABSI method: table work and floor work.

Our table work consists of a comprehensive 12-session program. It targets specific lines or 'trains' of the body. By integrating the complex anatomy of fascial and myofascial lines, we can bring about transformative changes. These changes affect both structural alignment and movement behaviour.

Floor work, on the other hand, takes place on a mat. Our qualified practitioners approach the body holistically during these sessions. They apply adaptive techniques with their hands, feet, arms, and elbows on different surfaces. Their goal is to actively engage you in the process. This coordinates neurology and physiology to integrate the work on the fly, realigning and properly tensioning your fascial support network, which is crucial for spatial awareness and functional movement.

Let's start your journey to holistic well-being today with either a one-on-one session, or join us at one of our upcoming Adaptive Bodywork Structural Integration workshops.

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